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The Russia Revolution had caught the composer in the West. He made several tours of the Soviet Union, where officials feted him. In the United States and in Western Europe, he felt economically on the edge and rather sour on the lack of support for Modern music in general – this, despite that he had led a fairly successful career. In 1936, he emigrated to the Soviet Union for good. This may have been the source of Stravinsky's acid comment, "Outside of music, he's an idiot." Many have speculated on the reasons for his return. Part of it may have to do with his sense of coming in second to Rachmaninoff in the . and to Stravinsky in Europe. Within Russia, Shostakovich had found himself in dutch with Soviet officialdom, so Prokofieff may well have thought the younger man out of the running as a serious rival.

Traditionally, Pelham said, parents and teachers believe distractors only have negative effects. Pelham set out to discover how music and videos actually impact the abilities of children with ADHD to focus in the classroom. Leading into the study, Pelham believed the music would have negative effects in many cases, and would have no effects at best. But even a world-renowned psychologist and leading authority on ADHD can be surprised by his own research findings.

Consintrated Music Northern SlumpConsintrated Music Northern SlumpConsintrated Music Northern SlumpConsintrated Music Northern Slump