Poseidon - found my way

The melodies, while occasionally strong, are not particularly challenging even for those who enjoy lighter prog, and, while the acoustic guitars are pleasant enough in a late 1960s/early 1970s sort of way, the lead guitars lack some subtlety. The vocals are competent but without distinction. "Found my Way" is not unpleasant to listen to, but it lacks highlights or even a really knockout track. The organ work of Tony Mahl rises above the fray at several points, especially in "Swimming Against the Stream" and "Cold Farmer", but the songs' meanderings expose how Poseidon's ambition tended to exceed its composition talents. The bonus tracks are of even less interest, clearly of the out-take variety even by already lowered standards. I cannot recommend this disk unless you are a German prog completist and are looking for something with as much American influence. social review comments | Review Permalink
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Poseidon - Found My WayPoseidon - Found My WayPoseidon - Found My WayPoseidon - Found My Way